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We are living today in a complex society comprising groups of varied social, economic and ethnic backgrounds. The development of science, the growth of industries, the evolution of democratic institutions, the coming together of nations through politics, trade and sports have made our world a complex place to live. To meet the challenges of the complexities of today’s advanced civilization, there is an imperative need to be highly educated with a complementof good character. Hence, the aim of education in general and higher education in particular should be to teach one to acquire the needed knowledge and skill to achieve the ultimate goals of intelligence plus character. Educating the mind enables one to grow intelligent and productive, whereas educating the heart makes one to acquire exemplary character. A true education, hence, should target both the mind and heart of the students.

The responsibilities today of the institutions offering higher education are infinitely greater than what it was a few decades ago. This responsibility can be fulfilled only by ensuring higher standard and appropriateness of education. Therefore, it is imperative to organize the university education on a high level of efficiency. The Universities must prepare our students to play the leading role in building the nation and to fulfill its many-sided functions in the service of humanity. It is, therefore, a very narrow outlook that judges higher education by immediate material value. The purpose of university education is to make one a citizen of the whole world and a leader of the society.

Realizing the said responsibilities, Velsuniversity, as an unique centre of higher learning, strives to provide quality higher education to meet the diversified needs of the young men and women through its multi stream educational system. We, at Vels, believe that imparting need based high quality knowledge is the need of the hour to nurture the young minds to successfully meet the challenges of today’s complex socioeconomic system and to blossom as leaders to guide the society. The high quality infrastructure, the highly qualified members of the faculty, the well equipped laboratories and research centres, the modern library and the world class facilities for sports and games and co-curricular activities of the university, coupled with the ICT enabled student centric teaching-learning process facilitate the students to choose and achieve what they want.

Velsuniversity is also keen to promote need based research to provide solutions to the problems faced in the day- to-day life of people. In this regard, as my concluding remark, I would like to quote what Dr. Abdul Kalam, former president of India, said on the occasion of the second convocation of Velsuniversity. He said, “Inventions and discoveries have emanated from creative minds that have been constantly working and imagining. All the forces of the universe work for the inspired mind there by leading to inventions and discoveries.”

Prof. Dr. V. Thamizh Arasan

Prof. Dr. V. Thamizh Arasan

Vice Chancellor
Vels 25 years
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