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Details of the Research Scholars Registered for Ph.D Programme - 2009-10 to 2015-16 (Upto January 2016)

S.No. Name of the Research Scholar Gender Department Broad topic of Research Date of Registration
1Mr.Jingle PappachanMBiotechnologyFungal Endophytes of medicinal plants: extraction and characterization of fungal metabolites and screening for potential immunomodulators.26-02-2009
2Mr.S.DavidMManagementHuman Resource Management26-02-2009
3Ms.S.Nalini DeviFManagementHuman Resource Development28-05-2009
4Ms.Supriya.SFEnglishFairy Tales in Children’s Literature.19/06/2009
5Mr.Prathap.PMBiotechnologyStrain improvement of Gliocladium SP to Enhance the Fatty acids production by Metabolic regulation20-10-2009
6Ms.K.RohiniFComputer ScienceData mining.20-10-2009
7Mr.E.UmapathyMComputer ScienceImage Processing – Comp. Appln. 20-10-2009
8Mr.N.JagannathanMBiotechnologyStrain improvement of Cymbella SP to Enhance the Lipids Production by Moleculars Strategies26-10-2009
9Mr.Chandrasekaran.SMComputer ScienceComputer Science (Software Engg.)02-11-2009
10Mr.R.PandianMHistoryThamizh Thiraipada Kalaignargalin Samuthaya Pangalippu oru Aaivu. 18-11-2009
11Mr.K.MahadevanMBiochemistrySaliva Diagnostic Marker.31-12-2009
12Mr.K.SudhagarMBiotechnologyCorrelation of seminal parameters and sperm DNA damage for the analysis of fertilization deficiency.11-02-2010
13Mr.R.ChandrasekarMBioinformaticsA study on correlation of Human Age- Related Cataract and Biochemical Constituents.11-02-2010
14Ms.Pallavi MishraFBiochemistryApplication of Biosensors in Food industry.26-04-2010
15Mr.P.V.KrishnanMManagementAnalysis and implementation of lean manufacturing principles for optimizing work in process inventory.29-04-2010
16Ms.K.MalarvizhiFBiotechnologyCancer Biology03-06-2010
17Mr.S.BaskaranMECEAuthentication of Nodes among different Symmetric Key groups in MANETs using 4G Technologies- Inter-disciplinary Information Tech.08-07-2010
18Ms.R.LakshmiFBiochemistryBiochemical changes associated with Yoga practice in Depression.28-07-2010
19Mr.Venigala Ganesh Nagasai PrasadMECEElecrodynamical effects of Ionospheric field aligned irregularities IFAI- Impact on Aerospace Communications03-09-2010
20Ms.S.KayalvizhiFChemistrySynthesis Characterisation by Spectral, Single crystal XRD and study of their Dielectric, Ultrosonic, Thermal, Biological and Optoelectronic properties of Chalcones and their derivates.15-09-2010
21Ms.S.UshaFChemistrySynthesis Characterisation by Spectral and Single crystal XRD, Thermal Studies, NLO Properties, Biological Activity of Mandelic Acid.15-09-2010
22V.SurendrababuMComputer ScienceDigital Image Processing.-Computer Application.15-09-2010
23S.Sree VidhyaFComputer ScienceAn insight on cloud computing and its contributions, Risk Assessment and Security Implications.13-10-2010
24S.SridharMManagementStress Management20-10-2010
25N.Nirmal KumarMManagementHuman relations status and strategies in Automobile industry in Chennai.28-10-2010
26C.RaghunadhanMManagementOrganizational Climate- Comparative study between Public and Private sector Organization in Kerala.21-12-2010
27K.VenugopalMBiotechnologyFungal Biotechnology.31-05-2011
28P.ArumugamMBiotechnologyMicrobial – Biotechnology Applied Microbiology- Biotech.31-05-2011
29K.DharmarajanMBiotechnologyBio-Chemical Process of Vermicomposting of Municipal Garbage Using African Night Crawler, Eudrillus Eugeniae Bio-Inform. – Biotechnology.31-05-2011
30M.LavanyaFBiotechnologyStudies on Molecular Basis of Symbiotic Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi.- Biotechnology.31-05-2011
31Omita YengkhomFBiotechnologyStudies on Immunostimulatory properties of the selected Macroalga in a Finfish model.01-07-2011
32R.DivyaFBiotechnologyIsolation of fungi, Biological Activity, Secondary Metabolites.24-08-2011
33R.V.ShaliniFBiotechnologyStudies on life cycle of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus by using in Vitro culturing technique.07-09-2011
34T.S.GeethaFECEEnhanced Hybrid Windpower and Photovoltaic system for Remoate places19.09.2011
35Hembade Mahendra JanardanMPharmacyFormulation and Evaluation of Gliclazide Modified Release of Tablets using Hydroxypropyl cellulose 21-09-2011
36Gadakh Rajendra TukaramMPharmacyEffect of herbal extract and its fraction on tacrine – induced orofacial dyskinesia in experimental animals21-09-2011
37J.VardhanaFBiotechnologyIsolation of Fungal, Secondary Metabolites and Molecular Characterization- Biotechnology & Management.23-09-2011
38D.GowdhamiFTamil“Surathavin kavithaikal”14-10-2011
39G.S.MadhavanMManagementA study on the contribution of Vedas and ancient literature like ithihasas towards the concept of Management.19-10-2011
40D.ThillaivasanMEconomicsAgriculture Economics26-10-2011
41K.Uma MaheswariFManagementTraining and Development02-11-2011
42B.N.Malar SelviFEconomicsAn Economic study of brand management with special reference in Global Apparel Brands – Multimedia Tech.02-11-2011
43M.Jacob Selva KumarMEconomicsAn Economic Study of Travel Insurance 17-11-2011
44Rajesh V NairMManagementBrand Management21-11-2011
45V.Mohana KrishnaMNano-ScienceSynthesis and characterization of Nano particles for Non-toxic and anti cancer drug.05-12-2011
46S.Vijaya BaskarMChemistryAnalytical Chemistry09-12-2011
47B.VarshaFBiotechnologyStudy of anticancer Activity of Enhanced Compounds of Pestalotiopsis stellata- Biotech.12-12-2011
48M.DurgadeviFBiotechnologyExtraction and Characterization of Chlorophyllin from Medicinal Plant (Cancer Biology) – Biotech.04-01-2012
49W.Jamith BashaMBiotechnologyBiotechnological potential of endophytic Fungi of Hydrophytes-Biotechnology.06-01-2012
50S.AnbazhagiFComputer ScienceSoftware Testing- Computer Application.12-01-2012
51L.PrathibaFComputer ScienceArtificial Intelligence Comp.Appln.12-01-2012
52D.PugazhendhiMComputer ScienceData mining on Marine Fishery- Computer Applications12-01-2012
53V.Felix JoeMPharmacyFormulation and Evaluation of Nanoparticles for improved therapeutic activity of drugs used for Neuro degenerative disorders – Pharmacy03-02-2012
54A.Saahira BanuFComputer ScienceCyber Security – Comp. Appln.03-02-2012
55D.VidhyaFBiotechnologyIsolation of Fungi and Secondary Metabolites – Biotech & Mgt.07-02-2012
56SubhashiniFManagementA Study on behavioural of education loan repayment to beneficiary students and bankers – Business Administration22-02-2012
57Magesh Kumar.PMComputer ScienceBrain image Registration Using Neuro-Fuzzy Entropy14.02.2012
58A.Carrmel PrabhaFCSEAn Intelligent Multi Agent Model Based on Cloud computing for Resource Virtualization – Comp. Sci. Engg.16-03-2012
59K.VenkatramanMManagementFinance & Marketing – Management – Commerce24-03-2012
60Ms.P.G.ThirumagalFManagementInsurance –Business Admn.09-04-2012
61Ms.G.MadhumitaFManagementMarketing- Retail – Business Admn.09-04-2012
62D.LakshmipathiMMechanicalSupply Chain Using Relative Reliability Risk Evaluation-Mechanical Engg.20-04-2012
63R.SudhaFChemistryEvaluation-Mechanical Engg.25-04-2012
64A.R.Sasiee KhumarMNano-ScienceNanoporous Materials and their Application in Environmental Remediation – Nanoscience25-04-2012
65Prasath.TMCommerceRecent trends in Finance and Accounting27-04-2012
66Mr.Anakama Rao PuppalaMNano-ScienceSynthesis and Charaterization of nanostructured Materials and their application in fine chemaical process-Analytical Chemistry02-05-2012
67S.VasudevanMCommerceCorporate Restructuring Mergers & Acquisitions – Commerce 09-05-2012
68Patil Vishal SatishMPharmacyHepatotoxicity of Phytomedicines29-05-2012
69K.RajalakshmiFBiotechnologyStudy of Antiproliferative activity of Natural chlorophyllin against HepG2-Biomedical Genetics.31-05-2012
70G.S.AnushaFCommerceHuman Resource Management-Employee Engagement – Commerce06-06-2012
71P.S.SureshMPharmacyDevelopment and Validation of Highly sensitive LC-MS/MS Methods for Drugs acting on CNS: Applications to a pharmacokinetic study.05-07-2012
72B.AnandhiFMechanicalA Comparative Analysis of Job Scheduling Algorithm –Mech.Engg18-07-2012
73A.SaravananMNano-ScienceSynthesis and Characterization of vertical alleged carbon nanotubes and its application – Chemistry – Nano Science27-07-2012
74Sowjanya Prathyusha PCHGMPharmacyStability indicating method development & validation of various antibiotics, local anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs by using HPLC & UPLC.08-08-2012
75E.ShanmugapriyaFPharmacyDesign,Isolation and Biological Evaluation of Compounds Against Flavivridae – Pharmacy09-08-2012
76S.NirmalaFPharmacy"Screening of some selected Insulinmimetic Indian Medicinal Plants in High Fat Diet & STZ Induced Type II Diabetes – Pharma "09-08-2012
77I.SomasundaramMPharmacyFormulation, invitro and in vivo Characterization of Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery to Brain Plants in High Fat Diet & STZ Induced Type II Diabetes – Pharma11-08-2012
78K.JanakiramanMManagementOrganizational Behaviour - Business Administration13-08-2012
79K.KayalvizhiFCSEAgent Based Software Engineering – Software Engineering.18-08-2012
80Mr.T.V.Kamarudeen MCSESecurity in private cloud computing environment with special emphasis to Public Sector Establishments18-08-2012
81R.Kamal RajMPharmacyPharmacognostic, isolation, characterization, QSAR and Pharmacological activity on Leaves of Erythrina indica Lam – Pharmacy25-08-2012
82T.JayaFECEWireless Mesh Networks – Applied Electronics29-08-2012
83Ashwini.S.FBiotechnologyExtraction and Characterisation of Taxol from Endophytic fungus – Biotechnology.31-08-2012
84S.SivaganesanMMechanicalInternal Combustion Engine -Mechanical Engineering31-08-2012
85V.M.ManickavasagamMMechanicalOptimisation of Production Line Using Lean Manufacturing Tools – Mechanical Engineering 31-08-2012
86K.VenkatramanMMechanicalDevelopment of optimization Frame work for New Product Development through Lean Production System-Mech. Engg. 06-09-2012
87Geetha Rani.R.FBiotechnologyInvitro Characterization of chlorophyllin against Aflatoxin B1 induced human liver cell lines – Biotechnology 10-09-2012
88S.PavithraFBiotechnologyInduction of Apoptosis in Human HCC HEP G2 cell with Chlorophyllin – Biotechnology12-09-2012
89Sandhya.KFManagementTrend Benefits of employees in “X” industry & job satisfaction towards their work12-09-2012
90Veto DattaFManagementStrategic Issues of Experiential Marketing and its Impact on Marketability of Business12-09-2012
91S.RamakrishnanMManagementHuman Resource Management in Food and Beverage Industries in Tamilnadu.12-09-2012
92L.P.R.Durga Rebba PragadaFBiotechnologyScreening of extracts from the Indian medicinal plant Saraka Ashoka for anti tumorogenic and anti cancer properties.14-09-2012
93S.ShaminiFBiotechnologyInvitro germination inducing nano particles for mycorrhizae – Applied Microbiology – Biotech.14-09-2012
94A.GodavariFBiotechnologyPlants with Antidiabetic Potential – Biotechnology14-09-2012
95V.KanchanaFManagementA study on Talent Acquisition and Retention – Business Admn.21-09-2012
96U.SelvakumariFBiotechnologyBioactive Peptides for Wound Healing – Biotechnology22-09-2012
97V.KokilaFBiotechnologyPlants’ Metabolites as Potential Antiobesity Agents – Biotech.22-09-2012
98Nithiya Soundari.M.FMicrobiologyThe antifungal activity of Thespesia populnea on common fungi from municipal water tank – Microbiology – Zoology27-09-2012
99Hilal Ahmad RatherMBiotechnologyPlant Enzyme as a Nano particles to cure polycystic ovaries28-09-2012
100K.S.ParimalaFMicrobiologyImpact of Common Bacteria in Fresh Water Fishes / Ornamental Fishes – Microbiology – Zoology28-09-2012
101Meenambiga.S.S.FBiotechnologyAntibacterial Discovery – Biopharmaceutical Technology03-10-2012
102Deepa Parvathi.VFBiotechnologyPharmacogenomics-Human Genetics-Biotechnology.05-10-2012
103K.ArumugamMBiotechnologyAntibacterial Activity of Medicinal Plants Against Osteomyelitis Causing Bacteria – Biotechnology05-10-2012
104Sudhir K.SadulMChemistryStudy of Polymorphism in Pharmaceutical Dosage form25-10-2012
105P.Senthil SelvamMPhysiotherapyPrinciples of Biofeedback in Physiotherapy Management05-11-2012
106S.G.SudhanMPhysiotherapyRole of Abdominals in Physiotherapy perspectives05-11-2012
107T.G.Tilak FrancisMPhysiotherapyEffects of Dry Needling on Skeletal Muscle.05-11-2012
108L.Radha KrishnanMPhysiotherapyManagement for Osteoarthritis – Knee proprioception exercises VS Knee mobilization.05-11-2012
109B.NalinaFManagementCommunication and knowledge sharing.05-11-2012
110Allen John HenryMMicrobiologyMicrobial Interactions in Biofilms14-11-2012
111V.JanakiFEconomicsA Study on Social Welfare Measures and Human Resources Development in Tamilnadu with special reference to women empowerment – Management – Economics15-11-2012
112SobhaFEconomicsEnvrionmental Economics19-11-2012
113S.MurugiahMManagementImproving the Production Management System in Indian Manufacturing Companies using Lean Sigma Techniques 20-11-2012
114S.SelvamMComputer ScienceApplication of Data Mining Techniques for Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis26-11-2012
115R.Shankar SheshuMPharmacyNew Formulation and Analytical method development and validation of solid and oral dosage units28-11-2012
116M.S.SundaramMPhysiotherapyEffects of Proprioceptive Neuro Muscular Facilitation stretching in hamstrings flexibility in Athletes28-11-2012
117S.Jaya GaniFCommerceA Study on Employee Welfare measures for Woman Employees in Private Companies in Chennai 28-11-2012
118R.PriyaFComputer ScienceData Mining with Ontologies30-11-2012
119S.VidyalathaFTamilAppar Devarathil Vetha Nerikal”27-12-2012
120K.SharmilaFComputer ScienceSpatial and Spatio-Temporal Moving Objects in Data Warehousing28-12-2012
121S.Borgia Annie CatherineFComputer ScienceCloud Computing in Data Warehouse28-12-2012
122R.RamaneswariFTamil"Jothirlatha Girijavin Sirukathaikkal”28-12-2012
123K.NaomiFTamil“Kannadhasanin Ethazhiyal Panigal”28-12-2012
124P.ArivazhaganMComputer ScienceDynamic Connectivity Management with an Intelligent route service control point07-01-2013
125P.SunithaFComputer ScienceAutomatic channel allocation for small wireless local area networks using graph coloring algorithm Approach07-01-2013
126M.SumithraFPharmacyDevelopment of New Analytical Methods for the estimation of Raw Materials and Formulation11-01-2013
127B.ShakilaFComputer ScienceVehicle Segmentation and Tracking14-02-2013
128Afshan KhanumMCSEIdentification of Lung Nodules in Computed Tomography Lung Images14-02-2013
129Rincy Merlin MathewFCSEVegetation Identification in Remote Sensed Images14-02-2013
130L.KarikalanMMechanicalInvestigations on C.I. Engine’s Performance and Emission Characteris- tics with Vegetable Oil as a Fuel.19-02-2013
131S.Vennilaa ShreeFCommerceMoonlighting by Employees20-02-2013
132K.SureshMMechanicalMetal Matrix Composites20-02-2013
133P.GopalMMechanicalExperimental Investigation on the Effect of Stitching on Reinforcing Fbres in Epoxy composites. 22-02-2013
134A.Siddique Ahmed GhiasMMechanicalMetal-Matrix Composites in Automotive Application23-02-2013
135K.KarunakaranMMechanicalInvestigation of Nano Particles Influence in NPMEDM in Machining Inconel 80025-02-2013
136N.K.RathikaFComputer ScienceData Mining26-02-2013
137Veena Christy ThomasFManagementImpact of Personal Values on Organizational Values27-02-2013
138G.AnandhiFComputer ScienceMulticasting in Mobile Adhoc Networks27-02-2013
139S.ScholasticaFTamil“Annavin Nadakangalil Samudaya Parvai”06-03-2013
140Radhika RamachandranFBiotechnologyMycoremediation for the treatment of Hazardous pollutants and Dye containing Effluents07-03-2013
141S.ShaliniFBiotechnologyCancer Biology – Nano Par11-03-2013
142R.AnbazhaganMComputer ScienceMemory based information retrieval from Neuron using ART (Adaptive Resonance Theory) Algorithmic Approach.11-03-2013
143D.RavikumarMECEComputational Approach for Micro Array Image Analysis11-03-2013
144S.SivaganesanMEEEImproved Transformer less Inverter with Leakage Current Elimination for a Photovoltaic Power Conditioning System.11-03-2013
145R.KamaleshMBiotechnologyGeneral Application of Stem Cell Research in Medicine (Physiology)13-03-2013
146R.Madhan.MMicrobiologyDrug Delivery in Nanoscale15-03-2013
147H.DhivyaFMicrobiologyScreening of Saccharomyces Cerevislae for the production of Flavonoids and Terpenoids and Optimising its Secretory Pathway.15-03-2013
148N.ManikandeswaranMManagementA Comprehensive study on women empowerment through Communi -cation and Information Technology15-03-2013
149A.VanmathiFManagementTrends of Fashionable Branding15-03-2013
150S.YogananthMManagementManagement Control of Projects in Oil & Gas Industries15-03-2013
151M.ManikandanMManagementDynamic and Multi-Dimensional Risk Management of Construction Projects15-03-2013
152Sabreen FathimaFEnglish"English Literature and Language Teaching – American Drama "16.04.2013
153C.Tamil SelvanMEnglishAmerican Jewish Fiction25.04.2013
154T.Kanchana DeviFEnglishAmerican Fiction – Writer of the Lost Generation29.04.2013
155T.SivasakthiMComputer Science"An Energy Optimized load balancing technique In cloud computing "12.06.2013
156Kohakade Ravindra Bharat MChemistry"Synthesis and Characterisation of Ionic Liquids and its Applications "24.06.2013
157K.Sundara MoorthyMPharmacy"Studies on Formulation and Characterization of Regiospecfic Floating Tablets of Metformin Hydrocloride "07-10-2013
158S.Sasikala FComputer ScienceDatamining in Patients Disease (Hospital Patients)15.07.2013
159K.Ganesh MMechanicalAutomobile Engineering22.08.2013
160P.Muthusamy MCSEWireless Network27/08/2013
161A.Rajasekaran MMechanicalComposite Materials27.08.2013
162S.Kalaivany FCSEA secure code- Based date forwarding in cloud stroage system29.08.2013
163R.G.Suresh Kumar MCSESecured Inter Cloud Data Migration Using “MaaS” Model29.08.2013
164Nancy Immaculate Mary FBiotechnologyScreening for Antibiofilm Compounds from various sources29.08.2013
165B.Sripriya FComputer ScienceCloud computing (with Cryptographic focus)29.08.2013
166I.Viniba Rajakumari FBiotechnologyBioprospecting of endophytic fungi from zerophylic plants29.08.2013
167Varghese S.ChooralilMCSESemantic Data Analysis and Optimization30.08.2013
168Biju PaulMCSEEnergy Conserved Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network 30.08.2013
169Vinodh P.VijayanMCSEImproving Network Lifetime and Coverage of Robotic Sensors in Wireless Networks30.08.2013
170R.Vivekananth MChemistryChemically Modified Electrode30.08.2013
171R.Babu MPharmacyFormulation and Development of Polymeric Nanoparticles of Docetaxel 30/08/2013
172R.Sumitha FBiotechnologyScreening of secondary Metabolites produced by Aspergillus and Penicillium SP 30.08.2013
173B.Meenashree FBiotechnologyManagement of Microbial contaminants by plant growth promoting Rhizospheric microorganisms in tissue cultured medicinal plants02.09.2013
174S.Sathyakala FMicrobiologyTo Determine the efficacy of probiotic strain Enterococcus faecalis invivo and demonstrate The antimicrobial activity against salmonalla typhi and salmonalla pullorum using mice as a model.03.09.2013
175J.PonniFCSEMulti Agent – Based Distributed Data Mining03.09.2013
176M.Padmashini FManagement"A study on work life balance of women executives in IT industry "03.09.2013
177R.Kamala Saranya FManagementA Study on Training Need Analysis in Automobile Industries 04.09.2013
178N.T.Sriram MManagement Impact of e-branding on Social Media04.09.2013
179K.Subbulakshmi FCSEAn Implementation of a Novel Framework for Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing04.09.2013
180J.Badri Narayanan MManagement "Customers perception of branding on apparels- An empirical study with reference to men’s readymade garments- Indian Market "05.09.2013
181 Savitha Nair FManagement"To analyse various factors influencing productivity of middle/lower level in service sector with special reference to online media in Chennai city "05.09.2013
182K.Jeyakumar MManagement"Supply chain management –Effective order Processing & Expediting "05.09.2013
183N.Kalyana Sundaram MCSEEnergy - Aware Resource Allocation Heuristics for Efficient management of Data Centres for Cloud Computing05.09.2013
184Mahisha Suramardhini FManagement"A study on “Software employee’s retention stratergy: and empirical study with reference to IT sector "06.09.2013
185M.Balakrishna MManagement"Role of social media in Business Intelligence systems "12.09.2013
186Meenakshi Vijayakumar FEnglishFire as a subject in English Language & Literature12.09.2013
187Mr.G.Rathinasingaravelan MManagement Application of Quality Tools on Productivity Improvement17.09.2013
188V.Sivasankar MChemistrySynthesis and characterization of Graphene and its applications 20.09.2013
189A.Abilarasu MChemistryRemoval of Carcinogenic water pollutants from queous solution by fenton oxidation technique using mesoporous materials 20.09.2013
190M.Shanmugam MChemistryBiodiesel synthesis from viscosity waste cooking oil using mesoporous basic metal oxides as catalysts 23.09.2013
191K.Vijayan MECEDesign of energy efficient routing protocol for wireless sensor networks 24.09.2013
192L.Karthigeyan MManagementA study on perception of students toward various Education Institutions 03.10.2013
193A.S.K.Sankar MPharmacyAnalytical method development and validation of pharamaceutical dosage forms 21.10.2013
194G.R.Jothilakshmi FECEA novel method for classification of Mammograms and Identification of micro-calcification using adaptive volterra filters24.10.2013
195 Jyothi Ramachandran FManagementBranding and Effectiveness in creating brand awareness29.10.2013
196Jaya Mukund FManagementProfessional student’s perception on effectiveness of training program with reference to placement 04.11.2013
197T.Thilagavathi FBiotechnology"Isolation of secondary metabolity and cancer studies in various pathogenic plants "11.11.2013
198R.Arvindganth MBiotechnologyIsolation and identification of endophytic fungi from various medicinal plants in Yelagiri hill 13.11.2013
199Senthil Kumar. EMChemistrySynthesis, characterization and its application of Graphine19.11.2013
200Suganya.JFBioinformaticsEvaluation of the antimalarial effects of Rauwolfia serpentine by In vivo and In silico analysis29.11.2013
201M.NishandhiniFBioinformaticsIn vivo and In silico screening of antitubercular activity of Ruta graveolens aganist M.tuberculosis H37Rv16.12.2013
202SubashiniFBiotechnologyIsolation and characterization of anti-diabetic principles from grassilaria corticata seaweeds and its effect on glycaemic control normal and streptozotocin - inducted diabetic rats.01.04.2013
203P.Senthil MPhysiotherapyApplication of PNF techniques in Musculo- Skeletal Disorders among young working professionals.17.02.2014
204Siva Kumar. CMPhysiotherapyErgonomics in Physiotherapy 21.02.2014
205Pugazhenthi.K MPhysiotherapyThe effectiveness of outcomes compared between therapeutic exercise and mobilization with yoga-Asana postures in mechanical low back pain21.02.2014
206D.Paneer Selvam MCivil Engineering Special type of High strength and high performance Concrete 21.02.2014
207G.Patchava Apparao MPhysiotherapyEffectiveness of Physiotherapy Management in various grades of knee osteoarthritis- A randomized controlled Trail 24.02.2014
208G.Yatheendra KumarMPhysiotherapy"Coracohumeral ligament positional stretching with and without conventional physical therapy for management of frozen shoulder: A randomized control trail "24.02.2014
209R.ChandramohanMTamilதமிழ் வளர்ச்சியில் அரசினர் சுவடி நூலகத்தின் பங்களிப்பு- ஓர் ஆய்வு 26.02.2014
210V.Srinivasan MChemistrySynthesis and characterization and application of Pharmaceutical compounds 27.02.2014
211D.Arun Kumar MBiochemistryRole of Liver in Diabetes Mellitus27.02.2014
212M.Gandhi MBiochemistryObesity and diabetes27.02.2014
213Thamizh Mozhi.M FPharmacyImmunomodulatory activity of Medicinal Plants Isolates of Operculina Turpethum 27.02.2014
214T.V.Preethi FMicrobiologyWhite rot fungi Laccases- optimization characterization and applications 28.02.2014
215G.Ramesh MPharmacyFormulation and evaluation nanocarriers for delivery of biomolucules across the blood brain barrier28.02.2014
216S.Kavitha FMicrobiologyEfficacy of Nanoemulsion preparations of Plantaricin and Pediocin against Multi Drug Resistant Pathogens28.02.2014
217K.R.Indra FMathematicsFuzzy logic and Optimization techniques28.02.2014
218K.Selva Kumari FMathematicsApplication of Fuzzy theory to optimization Techniques28.02.2014
219S.Meenakshi FMathematicsGraph theory and Fuzzy graph theory28.02.2014
220G.Ranjith MManagement Operational Cost reduction in software manufacturing.28.02.2014
221R.Chandra Mohan MCivil Engineering Integrated groundwater resource studies using resistivity imaging and remote sensing techniques In shanmuganathi sub basin, Theni & Dindugul Dist, Tamilnadu01.03.2014
222M.Arun Sundar MPharmacyMelioration of Beta-Amlyloid provoked Neurodegeneration through multiple signal Transduction pathways01.03.2014
223K.Sattianarayanane MManagement Cost reduction in material Management in selected Industries and modeling.01.03.2014
224M.Ramani FManagement Management Principles in Ancient Tamil Literature01.03.2014
225RamyaFManagement Management of stress among unorganized sector women employees in Cuddalore District01.03.2014
226G.Sathish Kumar MComputer ScienceIntelligent 3D facial modeling01.03.2014
227J.Sujatha FComputer ScienceIdentification of pattern by developing biomarker Selection algorithm using supervised learning Strategy01.03.2014
228S.Sathish Raja MCSEMonitoring the processing Implementation of Successive Cryptography Analysis for symmetric System03.03.2014
229S.KarthikMCSEDynamic reconfigurable architecture05.03.2014
230P.Jayaprakash MManagement Smart Grid – Consumer Behaviour, Engagement & Experience – Emergence of Retail Channels for Electric Utility Industry in India.05.03.2014
231Jacob JojuMManagement Marketing of Financial Services in the Reforms Era : A Study with a Focus in New Generation Private Sector Banks in Kerala05.03.2014
232A.Arockia Ranjini FCSECloud Computing06.03.2014
233A.S.ParasuramanMBiotechnologyStudies on Immunostimulatory Properties of Dendropthoe falcate in Asian Sea Bass, Lates calcarifer.10.03.2014
234A.Gokulakrishnan MBiochemistry"A study on adverse effects of statins in cardiovascular disease patients "12.03.2014
235T.Sundarrajan MPharmacyIn-Silico Docking studies of Amaranthus tristis Linn, alternathera ficodia Linn and its Biological activity 12.03.2014
236M.RajeshMEnglishA Novels of John Updike – A Study13.03.2014
237K.Prashanth RaoMManagementA Study on the Successful adoption of Asset-Liability Management by Urban Co-operative Banks using various Risk Management Techniques along with Deployment of Information Technology 13.03.2014
238S.Sharavanan MMechanicalDevelopment of Environmentally accepted Materials for Micro-Mechatronics in Automotive Applications14.03.2014
239N.Ragothaman MManagementAugmenting Consumption of Steel in Rural India A Study on the Challenges and Strategy14.03.2014
240Manas Ranjan RathMManagementStudy on Employee engagement and Change Management in large 14.03.2014
241N.Sangeetha FManagementA study on perception of worklife balance among the software employees14.03.2014
242K.N.Chitra FManagementImpact of Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Strategies on Organization’s Culture14.03.2014
243R.Vandhana FManagementA Study on Organizational Climate with reference to IT sector in Bangalore14.03.2014
244K.Vijay Kumar MComputer ScienceBig Data Analytics challenges17.03.2014
245S.G.Raja MComputer ScienceDistributed Data Clustering in Version Control Systems 17.03.2014
246K.Vijaya Sreenivas MCSEA novel framework for data integration, aggregation and representation of Heterogeneous data19.03.2014
247K.Priydarsini FCSESecure and safety trends updated in performance computing using cloud computing19.03.2014
248S.Thulasinathan MEconomicsThe impact of Globalization on human resource management with special reference to IT industry in Tamil Nadu19.03.2014
249S.Valarmathi FPharmacyFormulation & Evaluation of sustained release matrix tablets of esomeprazole drug20.03.2014
250K.P.Srikumar MManagementPersonality and Leadership developmental levels as predictors of leader performance 20.03.2014
251P.Murugan MComputer ScienceSignificance of Data Warehousing and Data Mining in Business Applications. 22.03.2014
252Nandha Kumar.R MManagementA study on implementation of Apparel Quality Control procedures in small scale Apparel manufacturing Companies22.03.2014
253D.Praveen Kumar MECEWireless telemetry- New Gen CDMA: Offset stacked (OS) - complementary code CC based new generation CDMA system for data centric wireless telemetry applications with performance analysis 24.03.2014
254M.Priyadharsini FChemistryGraphene – Synthesis, Characterization & Application 24.03.2014
255K.S.shalini FBiotechnologyImmuno-prophylactic and the therapeutic potentials of the hemi-parasitic mistletoe, Dendrophthae falcate tested in Asian Sea bass, Lates calcarifer26.03.2014
256Mr.Saurabh KumarMManagementInfluence of Aesthetic Attributes of pesonal care products on consumer decision making in selected Cities of Maharashtra13.03.2014
257R.Sharavanan MMechanicalHybrid natural and glass fibers reinforced polymer composites for automotive applications27.03.2014
258K.Vinoth MComputer ScienceE-Learning Environment for deaf and dumb students using cloud computing02.04.2014
259S.Sharavanan MMechanicalDevelopment of Environmentally accepted Materials for Micro-Mechatronics in Automotive Applications14.03.2014
260Ms.N.Kiruthika FNano-ScienceSynthesis and characterization of nano particles towards biological activity02.04.2014
261Subir Kumar Mohanty MManagementStudy on Supply chain Management of Granite Industry in India04.04.2014
262Mr.M.Periyasamy MMechanicalCharacterization of valve seat and valve guide process optimization in petrol and diesel engine 07.04.2014
263Mr.D.Santhosh MHCMTourism and Hospitality Management 11.04.2014
264Ms.Kalai Chelvi.P FCSEWireless Networks - Mobile Agent Architecture Integration for a wireless sensor medical application05.05.2014
265Mr.A.Sonu MManagementInnovation in Real Estate Marketing & Brand Creation 19.08.2014
267Mr.Fabian Andrew James MManagementCounseling at work place 19.08.2014
268Mr.M.Charles Arockiaraj MComputer ScienceComputer Networking20.08.2014
269K.Govindasamy MComputer ScienceData mining20.08.2014
270Ms.P.Libia FCommerce"A Study on job satisfaction among women lecturers in colleges with special reference to self-financing colleges in Chennai city "20.08.2014
271Ms.N.Sai Purnima FManagementRole of Emotional Intelligence development in Training & Development programs20.08.2014
272Ms.T.Priya FMicrobiologyScreening of Antimicrobial activity of few important Medicinal plants against Human Pathogen20.08.2014
273Ms.R.V.Archana FManagementSocial Entrepreneurship 02.09.2014
274Ms.T.Kanchana FManagement A study on trends in International students mobility in Chennai20.08.2014
275Ms.S.Meenakshi FComputer ScienceTexture image segmentation using neuro evolutionary methods20.08.2014
276Mr.T.Saravanan MMechanicalA performance analysis of leaf spring by using natural composite material an apply of automotive vehicle20.08.2014
277Ms.S.Vijayalakshmi FBiochemistryComplementary and alternative diet approaches for children with Autism20.08.2014
278Mr.Jedidaya Synnah MBiochemistryMicrobial Pathogenesis20.08.2014
279Mr.S.Saravana Kumar MBiochemistryClinical Biochemistry28.08.2014
280Mr.A.Sajeev Ram MCSEDetection of Lung Cancer on CT images using modified watershed segmentation algorithm 27.08.2014
281Mr.V.Haribaabu MCSEClassification of Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease using Non linear Parameters27.08.2014
282Mr.Shaik Javed Parvez MCSEEffective Utilization of unstructured data using Big data 26.08.2014
283Ms.M.Latha FCSEDetection of Alzhiemer’s disease and comparison by using pet scan and MRI scan brain image22.08.2014
284Mr.Senthil Kumar.J MCSEVisualization, Interpretation of Bacterial data related to food and Agriculture through normalization 27.08.2014
285Ms.T.Meenakshi FManagementResearch on the security and its influence on the online capabilities of educational industry21.08.2014
286Ms.Prabha Kiran FManagementFood additives and its implication 22.08.2014
287Ms.R.Manimalar FManagementCorporate Social Responsibility 25.08.2014
288Mr.A.Mani Maran MMechanicalEffective handling of E-waste22.08.2014
289Mr.J.J.Jayakanth MMechanicalAn integrated performance index for vision-based navigation system08.09.2014
290Mr.P.Mohanraj MMechanicalComposite Materials08.09.2014
291Ms.S.Mangayarkarasi FComputer ScienceNetwork security-Data hiding using Steganography 10.09.2014
292Ms.K.K.Sudha FComputer ScienceData mining with image processing 10.09.2014
293Ms.K.Bakiya Lakshmi FComputer ScienceImage processing 27.08.2014
294Ms.S.Saradha FComputer ScienceImage processing 05.09.2014
295Mr.R.Joseph Arulselvan MComputer ScienceImage processing with use of evolving Neural Network01.09.2014
296Ms.S.Jeyalaksshmi FComputer ScienceData Mining27.08.2014
297Ms.Blessy Geo.V.M FComputer ScienceData mining algorithm for Heterogenous information Networks27.08.2014
298Ms.Mohamed Zerein Fathima FPharmacyBiomedical potential of natural products against Carcinogens21.08.2014
299Ms.S.Potramarai Selvi FHindiPrem chand ki krithiyo mae chithrith samajik samasyaye26.08.2014
300Ms.S.Usha FBiochemistryThe effect of Tobacco chewing on Male Infertility 25.08.2014
301Ms.M.Ramya FChemistryGraphene based Electrochemical sensors and Biosensors 27.08.2014
302Ms.R.Radhai FBiotechnologyAn Anticancer drug taxol, produced by with application of silver nanopractical27.08.2014
303Mr.A.Aabid Hussain Naik MCommerceA study on financial performace of Silk Industries in Jammu & Kashmir30.08.2014
304Ms.C.Shanthi FComputer ScienceEnhancing effective Interoperability between mobile Apps using LCIM Model15.09.2014
305Ms.V.S.Sreeja FComputer ScienceData mining for early detection of human genetic disorder15.09.2014
306Ms.D.Shalini FMicrobiologyStudies on the diversity of nitrogen fixing Bacteria associated with selected medicinal plants of western Ghats of India15.09.2014
307Mr.R.Sridhar MMechanicalSolving Bin packing problems using Heuristic approaches 15.09.2014
308Mr.M.Ruban MMechanicalSolar power thermal storage system using PCM Material18.09.2014
309Ms.C.Anbarasi FComputer ScienceData mining visualization mining19.09.2014
310Mr.D.Ethirajan MCSEManaging Business solutions through enhanced big data testing09.09.2014
311Mr.Dileep Kumar.N MManagementDetailed analysis of management strategies deciding the success and failure of organizations24.09.2014
312Mr.S.Perumal MComputer ScienceData Mining 25.09.2014
313Mr.Arunachalam.A.S MComputer ScienceData mining for a web-based educational system25.09.2014
314Ms.Geetha Swaminathan FManagementInnovation and Creativity 29.09.2014
315Mr.S.Shankar MManagementLogistics Management01.10.2014
316Ms.M.Saradha FCivil Engineering Flexural behavior of reinforced geopolymer concrete beams04.03.2015
317Mr.Joseph Daniel MEnglishAcquisition of English as a second language05.03.2015
318Ms.Arthi Devi.A FComputer ScienceTraining Tesseract OCR for Tamil language06.03.2015
319Mr.R.Senthil Kumar MCSECloud Computing09.03.2015
320Mr.R.Maheshwaran MECE3D facial modeling03.03.2015
321Mr.K.Ravichandran MComputer ScienceMobile Network04.03.2015
322Ms.S.Nithya FPharmacyIdentification & pharmacological evaluation of selected D-Amino acids along with D-Amino acid Oxidase inhibitors in learning and memory05.03.2015
323Ms.Janaki Vembu.M FChemistryCarbon Nano tubes 03.03.2015
324Mr.Johnson Antony MEEEImplementation of new sliding mode control law & press back semiconductor in HVDC transmission03.03.2015
325Ms.C.S.Nithya FComputer ScienceOptimization in clustering algorithm based data mining 07.03.2015
326Ms.R.Vijaya MComputer ScienceOpen source07.03.2015
327Ms.Cynthia Premalatha.V FEnglishAssessment on the low English proficiency on nursing students and its impact on clinical oral communication28.02.2015
328Mr.R.Sudarshan MCSEDefect seepage prediction in each phase of the e-commerce site and the reliability assessment 02.03.2015
329Ms.Smita.C.Thomas FCSETrusted data storage in cloud computing 02.03.2015
330Ms.Priyanka Debbarma FMicrobiologyStudies on antibacterial activity of compounds of plants origin and isolation of active components 05.03.2015
331Mr.Yogesh Kumar MMicrobiologyNovel cell lines establishment and characterization from heptocellular carcinoma tumor patient 02.03.2015
332Ms.N.Devi FBiochemistryAntidiabetic activity of Breynia retusa in Streptozotocin induced diabetic rats02.03.2015
333Mr.D.Anbarasu MEEECondition monitoring and fault diagnosis of steam turbines04.03.2015
334Ms.S.Kohila FECEClassification of the thyroiditis based on charateristic sonographic textural features and correlated Histopathology results04.03.2015
335Ms.K.Abirami FComputer ScienceWeb data mining06.03.2015
336Ms.P.Rajalakshmi FComputer ScienceApplication of data mining techniques in Bio-informatics06.03.2015
337Ms.K.Sethu Selvam MComputer ScienceIntrusion detection system05.03.2015
338Ms.M.Ganesan MComputer ScienceData Mining – Web approach to Image Processing06.03.2015
339Mr.K.Viswanathan MComputer ScienceData mining application06.03.2015
340Mr.M.J.Balachandran MComputer ScienceCurrent challenges of application layer security(SaaS) in Cloud Computing05.03.2015
341Mr.Gunjegaonkar Shivshankar Malkarjun MPharmacyMolecular aspects of cartilage regeneration 05.03.2015
342Mr.Raj Kamal Verma MManagementMarketing 17.03.2015
343Mr.A.Shanmugam MManagementHuman Resource Practices23.03.2015
344Mr.Sainath Malisetty MManagementA study on deviant behaviour23.03.2015
345Mr.Senthil.S.Sekhar MComputer ScienceData mining techniques in Sports24.03.2015
346Mr.Kamalakkannan.S MComputer ScienceData Mining18.03.2015
347Ms.Kasturi.K FComputer ScienceData Mining under medical domain18.03.2015
348Ms.Archana.K.S FCSEDetection of Gray leaf blight diseases in coconut trees using image processing techniques20.03.2015
349Mr.Sathish Kumar.P MECEFPGA implementation of emotion recognition system using electroencephalograph (EEG) signals26.03.2015
350Mr.Suki.R MManagementOptimization of financial planning & budgeting for an organization through Statistical methods or by Simulation techniques28.03.2015
351Mr.Saravanan.R MManagementCost optimization in IT operations through prediction modeling & simulation on techniques28.03.2015
352Mr.EBENEZER ABISHEK.B MECEDesign of system on programmable chip using NIOS processor31.03.2015
353Ms.Mary Theresa Rani.P.T FComputer ScienceCloud Computing31.03.2015
354Ms.Krithika.M FManagementPerceived risk in Online shopping06.04.2015
355Mr.T.Kamalakannan MComputer ScienceData mining 20.04.2015
356Ms.M.Gomathe FComputer ScienceVoice recognition 22.04.2015
357Mr.S.Ramasubramanian MMechanicalI.C. Engines21.04.2015
358Ms.Y.Durga Devi FTamil¹ô‹ªðò˜¾ ï£õ™èO™ Þ¼Š¹‹ ܬìò£÷º‹30.04.2015
359Mr.Prem Shankar Mishra MPharmacyDesign synthesis and evaluation of 2- Pyridine derivatives as anticancer agent
360Mr.T.R.B.Rajaa MManagementEntrepreneurship 08.05.2015
361Ms.P.Maheshwari FPharmacyGestational Diabetes 06.05.2015
362S.SarumathyFPharmacyAssociation of Troponint and cognition impairment in patients with Caridio Vascular Disease18.05.2015
363Mr.Satyanarayana Viragandam MPharmacyPharmacological studies on traditional medicinal plants and its formulations for the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis27.08.2015
364Ms.R.Arulmathi FBiotechnologyMicrobial Biotechnology 28.08.2015
365Mr.Sambasiva Rao Puram MChemistryEstimation of anti vitrovirals in Plasma by LC/MS/MS 28.08.2015
366Ms.A.Ashwini FChemistrySynthesis and characterization of advance materials and its applications28.08.2015
367Ms.Jadhav Varsharani Shankar FChemistryHeterocyclic Chemistry 31.08.2015
368Ms.G.Sivagaami Sundari FChemistrySynthesis, Characterization and application of Nano Polymer31.08.2015
369Ms.R.Manju Bhargavi FBiotechnologyContribution of Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal & Anti-Viral properties to Ocimum sanctum Linn. 01.09.2015
370Ms.Geetha Priya FPharmacyGreen coffee bean extract is a powerful antioxidant01.09.2015
371Ms.Deeparani Urolagin FPharmacyStudy of herbal extract and its formulation on Mesothelioma of breast carcinoma cells01.09.2015
372Mr.Tarke Santosh Rangnathrao MPharmacyPhytocmemical and Pharmacological investigation of Ehretia aspera.01.09.2015
373Ms.C.N.Hemalatha FPharmacyA rational approach to target proteins for efficient anti cancer therapy by nanocarrier loaded phrelene di Imide derivatives01.09.2015
374Mr.Yadav Vishal Dadasaheb MPharmacyFormulation and evaluation of polymeric multiple unit particulate system for Gastro Intestinal tract Drug delivery01.09.2015
375Ms.K.Bharathi FManagementBrand Awareness02.09.2015
376Mr.Sudheer Kumar Kamarapu MPharmacyDevelopment of validated stability indicating assay method by RP-HPLC for simultaneous estimation of selected anti hypertensive drugs in their bulk and combination form in Bio relevant dissolution media03.09.2015
377Ms.N.Anitha FEnglishIndian writing in English 04.09.2015
378Mr.M.R.Narayanan MManagementA comprehensive study on industrial relationship in India – concept, objectives, scope and development04.09.2015
379Mr.Shaik Mastan Vali MComputer ScienceData mining 07.09.2015
380Ms.Mukta Jagdish FCSEFeature enhanced automatic image change detection using FCM & MRF technique for Disaster Management07.09.2015
381Mr.T.R Balaji MComputer ScienceCloud computing security in software applications 07.09.2015
382Mr.Badal Dev Roy MMechanicalTurbo charger matching for truck engine & Duty cycle formation for calculating life of turbo charger07.09.2015
383Mr.S.Senthil Kumar MComputer ScienceData Mining 07.09.2015
384Mr.U.S.Jijith MPharmacyEstablishment in vitro – In vivo correlation for some pharmacological screening techniques07.09.2015
385Ms.S.K.M. Sasikomala FComputer ScienceData warehousing 08.09.2015
386Ms.M.Bhuvana FManagementHuman Resource Management08.09.2015
387Ms.G.Monika FComputer ScienceCloud computing and security issues in Cloud computing 09.09.2015
388Mr.Chandramohan.K MEnglishLack of Linguistic ability leading to unemployability Diagnosis and Prognosis 09.09.2015
389Mr.D.Mohana Sundaram MManagementImpact of changing work environment on employee job behavior: A study with reference to it employees09.09.2015
390Ms.S.Sandhiya FComputer ScienceBio-informatics 10.09.2015
391Mr.R.Balakrishna MCSECloud Computing / IOT – based secure and scalable vehicular data cloud services 10.09.2015
392Ms.S.Sridevi FCSEAchieving optimal throughput and efficient bandwidth utilization in wireless network10.09.2015
393Ms.P.Rubini FManagementTalent Management 10.09.2015
394Ms.S.Prabha FManagementMarketing Management10.09.2015
395Mr.R.Saravanabhavan MPharmacyPharmacogenomics of Anticancer drugs10.09.2015
396Ms.G.Sheela FManagementKnowledge Management11.09.2015
397Mr.P.Aravanan MPharmacyEvaluation of anticancer activity of an Indian medicinal plant11.09.2015
398Mr.J.Baskaran MComputer ScienceCloud Application Management 11.09.2015
399Mr.S.Ganesan MBiochemistryAlterations in the functions of Cardiac, Liver and Kidney in population exposed to Coal Mines14.09.2015
400Mr.G.Selvanathan MCommerceHuman Resource Management in the Development of SMEs 14.09.2015
401Ms.M.Meena FECEDevelopment of OFDM based algorithm to improve the data throughout and BER of wireless clusters with the embedded network security using cognitive radio technique and its implementation.14.09.2015
402Ms.K.S.Sagaya Priya FComputer ScienceAn architecture for context-aware data management 14.09.2015
403Mr.P.Vivek MMechanicalCritical machines based scheduling for manufacturing environments 14.09.2015
404Mr.T.Vinod Kumar MMechanicalComposite Materials 14.09.2015
405Mr.H.Abdul Haseeb MCivil Engineering Replacement of River Sand by M-Sand – Experimental Investigation15.09.2015
406Ms.R.Kumudham FECE Development of novel post processing algorithm for the enhancement of underwater sonar images for high resolution16.09.2015
407Ms.Annapoorani.B FBiochemistryStudy on the reactivity of microbial peptides from marine algae against multidrug resistant pathogens 18.09.2015
408T.DhanasekaranMManagementIntegration of Marketing and SCM-DCM ( Demand Chain Management18.09.2015
409Ms.Anamika Ghosh FManagementCapital Marketing22.09.2015
410Mr.A.Ramkumar MManagementHuman Resource Management23.09.2015
411Mr.G.Muthuboopathi MPharmacySynthesis of novel semi-synthetic derivatives, characterization nad its evaluation of Pharmacological activity05.10.2015
412Mr.S.Venkateswara Rao MPharmacyDevelopment of nanocarrier drug delivery of Chemotherapeutic drugs for targeted cancer Therapy 05.10.2015
413Mr.A.ManiKadanMChemistrysynthsis and biological evaluation of new heterocyclic compounts and devloment of new synthetic methonalgies 29.09.2015
414Ms.N.G.ThangammaFComputer ScienceBig Data 22.09.2015
415Mr.Karunakar Badugu MChemistryHeterocyclic Chemistry 06.10.2015
416Ms.M.K.Soundarya FCivil Engineering Experimental investigation on Bento-Lime cement on strength and durability properties of concrete 16.10.2015
417Mr.S.K.Kamalakannan MManagementFactors contributing for preferring a business school in Chennai19.10.2015
418Ms.G.Sharmilaa FCivil Engineering Study of air pollution due to road traffic using Computer Simulation19.10.2015
419Ms.Santhanalakshmi FBiotechnologyModulation of serotonin transporter by Kappa - Opioid Receptor28.11.2015
420Mr.Sankar.RMTamil"Synthesis and characterization of Graphene and its applications "07.03.2016
421Ms.Vijayalakshmi.PFECEComplementary and alternative diet approaches for children with Autism29.02.2016
422Ms.N.Pushpa Bharathi.NFBiochemistryIsolation and Characterization of Lead Compound from selective Seagrass and assessment of its anticancer activity. (Biotech – Biochem)25.02.2016
423Ms.P.AmudhaFBiochemistrySynthesis, Characterisation of iron oxide(FeO) Nanaoparticles from Phytocompounds and Assessment of its Anticancer Activity by Invitro and Insilico Approach(Bio-Chemistry) 29.02.2016
424MrS.V.JayashreeFPharmacyChemoprevention of Phytoconstituents and its Role in Suppressing the various Biomarkers in Chemically induced Mammary Carcinogenesis. ( Pharmacology)10.03.2016
425Ms.P.GeethaFPharmacyThe Epidemiology of Antibiotic Utilization: The Study of Antibiotic use in different areas of tertiary care hospital and community Settings.( Pharmacy Practice)27.02.2016
426Ms.S.DhanalakshmiFPharmacy"Classification of the thyroiditis based on charateristicsonographic textural features and correlated Histopathology results "16.03.2016
427Mr.C.GnanavelMMechanicalNanoparticle-enhanced phase change materials(NEPCM) with great potential for improved thermal energy storage ( Mechanical Engineering)14.03.2016
428Mr.M.KaruppasamyMMechanicalComposite Materials18.03.2016
429Mr.K.Thileep KumarMChemistryStudies on the Thermal and Mechanical properties of Nano Polycaprolactone/ Clay Reinforced composites.( Chemistry) 29.02.2016
430Mr.P.RajasundaramMComputer ScienceDigital Image Processing24.03.2016
431Ms.Thamizhchelvi.KFComputer ScienceCloud Computing ( Computer Science)07.03.2016
432Ms.B.Devi PriyaFComputer ScienceSoftware Engineering07.03.2016
433Mr.Praveen Kumar.LMBiotechnologyGene Editing On Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells(IPSC) to Prevent the Development Of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy(HCM))25.02.2016
434Ms.G.BinduFCSEA Novel protocol for cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Network Anevaluation Study 07.03.2016
435Ms.Geofrin Shirly.SFCSEDesign and implementation of Energy Efficiency Rounting Protocol for Multiple Environmrnts in mobile Ad Hoc Networks03.03.2016
436Mr.M.Ashok KumarMPharmacy"Clinical Pharmacist Impact in the management of smoker and nonsmoker copd in urban and rural population of tamilnadu "06.04.2016
437Ms.U.NamruthaFECEIndoor Pedestrian Tacking by On-Body Multiple Receivers03.03.2016

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Total - 437
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