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Programme Outcomes for School of Mass Communication:

The Mass Communication Programme prepares students to be able to do the following:

PO1: To demonstrate effective speaking, effective writing and listening skills for communication in personal, public, and media areas.

PO2: To demonstrate the ability to observe events, gather information, write news reports and news releases, report on events, and edit other people’s writings.

PO3: To demonstrate the ability to understand the media critically and recognize how media shapes and is shaped by politics, society, culture, economics and daily lives.

PO4: To demonstrate the ability to recognize the power of persuasion and ethical responsibilities of communicators in communication at all levels.

PO5: To demonstrate an understanding of the roles of communication in fostering interaction and interdependence across gender, race, and culture.

PO6: To demonstrate the ability to apply communication theories to analyze contemporary problems.

PO7: To demonstrate an understanding of the history, development, and practice of the print media, electronic media, and the new media.

Programme Specific Outcomes (PSO) for M.Sc. Animation:

Students who graduate with a Master of Animation will:

PSO1: Obtain a significant knowledge on fundamental and advanced aspects of interactive websites, mobile platforms, and other methods including motion graphics (animation), video and informational graphics.

PSO2: Gain in-depth knowledge on designing and developing websites.

PSO3: Acquire knowledge on lighting techniques in 3D Animation.

PSO4: Gain proficiency in techniques of 2D and 3D softwares.

PSO5: Grasp the fundamental concepts of video editing with composition.

PSO6: Gain insight into the various aspects of script writing, story board, art direction. and editing.

PSO7: Enter as 2D artist, 3D Modeler, VFX Artist, Storyboard Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Designer and Game Designer.

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