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Indian Retail sector (both organized and unorganized) is set to grow at a very rapid pace over the next few years and at present ranked 5th Globally.5% of India's GDP is contributed by Retail sector with a foreign investment inflow of $195 million between April 2000 to April 2010.According to BMI India retail report, total retail sales in India is expected to grow from $353 billion in 2010 to $543 billion by 2014.Retail sector's efficiency as a key growth driver crucially depends on the development of infrastructure. Supply chain networks should not only add capacity but also become multi-modal and efficiency-driven. India has yet to reach the International benchmark ratios of Cost of Logistics to Cost of Goods Sold.

In the above context, India Government is trying its level best to reach international standards by developing Highways, Goods Railway corridor, state-of-the-art Airports and Minor sea ports with private participation.

    All this have brought the attention of major Logistics companies to India and places like Bangalore, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad and Mangalore in South India are becoming major logistics hubs. Growth of Logistics & Shipping industry is related to the following developments:-

  • Transshipment Terminal at Vallarpadam and LNG Terminal at Cochin.
  • Oil terminal at Ennore and developments at Chennai port
  • Developments at Tutocorin and minor ports in Tamil Nadu.
  • Developments at Vizag, Kakinada, Krishnapatnam in Andhrapradesh
  • Ports with private participation coming up at Gujarat and Andhrapradesh states.

Logistics industry is itself facing a shortage of trained manpower around the world as there are very few institutions which teach Logistics as a core subject.

South India is going to generate lot of job opportunities in the area of Logistics & Shipping.

This is the situation where an institution like Vels University comes to prominence. Vels University commenced MBA-Logistics & Shipping course from the year 2009 onwards and till date around 400 students have passed out and are employed in reputed Logistics & Shipping companies both in India and abroad.

M.B.A-Logistics & Shipping course is conducted with an industry-institute interface. Compulsory internship at the end of 2nd semester (2 months) and project work in 4th semester (4 months) will be arranged at Logistics & Shipping companies with which Vels University has MOU. Curriculum is developed by experts from the industry, who are the members of Board of Studies. Practical visits, twice every month is arranged. Logistics & Shipping subjects are taught by experienced faculty from the industry.

There is a separate cell to handle the above at School of Management Studies headed by an experienced Logistics Manager.

Vels University has another feather to its cap as they have a Nautical and Marine Engineering department. They have a Training Ship in campus and Simulator which will give an opportunity for the students to have knowledge about Ship.

To build awareness for the need of structured training in logistics and showcase the ability of Vels University in imparting this, seminars are conducted regularly ensuring the participation of logistics professionals.

Course Structure

CBSS Syllabus: 2015 - 16 onwards

Sub.Code Title of the Paper Hours/week Credit
Lecture Tutorial Practical
15MBL001 Management Principles and OrganisationalBehaviour 3 0 0 3
15MBL002 Statistics & Operations Research for Logistics 4 1 0 3
15MBL003 Accounts and Finance for Logistics 3 1 0 3
15MBL004 Fundamentals of Logistics 3 0 0 3
15MBL005 Maritime Business 3 0 0 3
15MBL006 Business communication for logistics 3 0 0 3
15MBL--- Discipline Specific Elective I 3 0 0 3
15MBL--- Generic Elective I 3 0 0 3
15MBL--- Generic Elective II 3 0 0 3
      28 2 0 27
15MBL007 Marketing Management 4 0 0 3
15MBL008 Maritime Economics 5 0 0 4
15MBL009 Management Information System (Theory) 4 0 0 3
15MBL --- Generic Elective-III 4 0 0 3
15MBL--- Discipline Specific Elective-II 5 0 0 4
15MBL--- Discipline SpecificElective-III 4 0 0 3
15MBL010 *Management Information System (Practical) 2 0 2 2
15MBL011 Industry Internship (45 days) 0 0 0 3
      28 0 2 25
15MBL012 Shipping Law & Marine Insurance 4 0 0 3
15MBL013 Liner Trade & Freight Forwarding 4 0 0 3
15MBL014 Customs Laws and Procedures 4 0 0 3
15MBL015 Dry Cargo Chartering and Port Agency 3 0 0 3
15MBL016 Research Methodology 3 0 0 3
15MBL--- Generic Elective-IV 3 0 0 3
15MBL--- Discipline Specific Elective-IV 3 0 2 3
15MBL--- Discipline Specific Elective-V 3 0 0 3
15MBL--- Generic Elective-V 3 3
      30 0 0 27
15MBL017 Enterprise Resource Planning for Managers 3 0 0 3
15MBL018 * Project Work (3 months) 0 0 0 8
      3 0 0 11
    Total       90

List of Discipline Specific Elective Courses

Subject Code Name of the Subject
15MBL104 Supply Chain Management
15MBL105 Inland Transport Management
15MBL106 Global Logistics and Risk Management
15MBL107 Multimodal Transportation Management
15MBL108 Global Procurement Management
15MBL109 Lean Six Sigma Logistics
15MBL110 Performance Measurement and Reporting
15MBL111 Air Cargo Management
15MBL112 Sales & Operations Planning
15MBL113 Container Management
15MBL114 Export-Import Documentation

List of Generic Elective Courses

Subject Code Name of the Subject
15MBL154 Customer Relationship Management
15MBL155 French language
15MBL156 International Transport Law
15MBL157 Delivery Management
15MBL158 E Commerce
15MBL159 Merchant Banking and Financial Services
15MBL160 Labour Legislations
15MBL161 Environmental Studies
15MBL162 Consumer Behaviour
15MBL163 Retail Management
15MBL164 Services Operations Management
15MBL165 Entrepreneurship Development
15MBL166 Inland Waterways Management
15MBL167 Strategic Management
15MBL168 Database Management System

* Entire paper is to be done as Practical, no Theory Exams.

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