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Integrated M.B.A

Program Outcomes (PO)

Upon completion of MBA Integrated Programme students will be able to,

PO1: Discuss and apply conceptual business knowledge in practical business Organizations.

PO2: Evaluate global business scenario and proactively think about managing critical Situation.

PO3: Demonstrate critical thinking in coordinating and decision making Process.

PO4: Forecast the opportunities and threats of business in global environment and act according to local customer’s expectation.

PO5: Display initiation and responsibility while formulating and implementing business strategies.

PO6: Utilize the core competencies for organizing, synthesizing and analyzing data for appropriate management practice.

PO7: Recognize ethical and moral values while dealing with human resources.

PO8: Understand customer’s complex expectations and delight them by fulfilling their demand.

PO9: Implement time management skills by understanding its criticality in business Scenario.

PO10: Analyze all environmental impact on business and formulate strategic responses to it.

PO11: Exhibit team spirit and leadership capabilities for organizational development.

PO12: Devise appropriate strategies to meet global standards and best quality.

PO13: Cope up with the challenges posed by the competitive business environment.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO)

Upon completion of MBA Integrated Programme students will be able to,

PSO1: Practice life long learning in advanced areas of Management and related fields.

PSO2: Adapt to rapidly changing Economical, Social ,Political, Technological and Cultural Environment affecting business organizations.

PSO3: Equip for immediate employment in their specialized domain area.

PSO4: Disseminate knowledge on critical functions of managing Finance, Human Resources, Operations, Marketing and Systems to earn competitive advantage.

PSO5: Exhibit Skills in the tools and techniques used for business decision making.

PSO6: Utilize knowledge in strategic management of business.

PSO7: Pursue research insights which will aid to face complex business scenario.

PSO8: Face competitive examination that offers challenging Career.

PSO9: Disseminate an insight with spoken foreign languages so as to deal the diversified workforce.

PSO10: Handle current organizations challenges and possess team spirit.

PSO11: Exhibit communication, presentation and interpersonal skills in order to handle events and other situation.

PSO12: Adopt virtual learning and enrich competencies by wide exposure to online resources.

PSO13: Practice risk taking behavior so as to explore new ventures as budding entrepreneurs.

Curriculum & Syllabus  

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