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Efficient transport by sea is extremely important, particularly for a country like India, which has a long coastline and glorious maritime traditions. Indian Merchant Shipping comprises of Passengers vessels, Cargo liners, Tankers, Carriers, Container vessels and many other types of specialized ships. These ships are operated by public and private sector shipping companies and manned by trained navigators, marine engineers and crew members. To cater to such specialized training, School of Maritime Studies offers an Integrated and comprehensive facility for Navigating Officers and Marine Engineers in the Merchant Navy. Candidates who successfully complete training at this School will be eligible for taking jobs as Navigating Officers or Marine Engineers on board any Ship sailing in the vast oceans of the World.

Navigating Cadets passing out from School of Maritime Studies, on the completion of mandatory sea-time requirements and Competence Examinations, will be responsible for the navigation of ships, proper loading and discharging of cargo, maintenance of ships, safety of passengers and crew and observance of various national and international codes of conduct. The trainees progress to be junior navigating officers and on the completion of successive competency exam, ascend in rank and responsibility until finally taking command of a ship as a Captain.

Marine Engineering Cadets passing out from School of Maritime Studies, on the completion of mandatory sea-time requirements and Competency examinations, will be responsible for the running of the main engine of the Ship and all its auxiliaries. They need to be proficient in the areas of Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering. The Cadets progress to be Junior Marine Engineers on completion of successive Competency Examinations, ascend in rank and responsibility until finally they become Chief Engineers of Ship.

School of Maritime Studies is situated at Vels Thalambur campus. The School is headed by a Director and amongst its Faculty are highly proficient Lecturers who are ex-mariners, and Instructors, with years of experience on board Ships and ashore, who take meticulous care to train the cadets to be future Navigating Officers and Marine Engineers. The School has three sophisticated workshops, a state-of-the-art “Full-mission Navigation Simulator and three laboratories for providing cadets the necessary training. As a part of the curriculum, cadets are taken on board ships in Chennai harbour for shipboard familiarization.

"School of Maritime Studies - Now Graded A1 by the Ministry of Shipping, and is amongst the Best Maritime Institutions in India"

The Director General of Shipping (DGS) developed a mandatory Comprehensive Inspection Programme (CIP) early this year, for all Maritime Colleges in the country, carrying out Presea Maritime Training. A Grading Scale was specified - A1 Outstanding, A2 Very Good, B1 Good, B2 Average, C1 Below Average, C2 Poor.

The Indian Register of Shipping, a Classification Society, recognized by the Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India, was invited to carry out the CIP at the School of Maritime Studies of Vels University. A team of four Auditors carried out an intensive audit, over a period of two days. This audit concluded on the 30th of April, 2014.

At the end of the audit, the grading awarded to the School of Maritime Studies, Vels University was "A1 - Outstanding", reflecting Excellence in Maritime Education and Training.

The School of Maritime Studies, Vels University, now ranks amongst the best Maritime Training Colleges in India.

The School offers the following courses:

Department of Nautical Science

B.Sc Nautical Science*

Department of Marine Engineering

B.E Marine Engineering*

Presea Training for Graduates (GME) *

Presea Training for Diploma Holders (DME) *

Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime / Logistics Operation *

The course also prepares the candidates to pursue a career in shipping companies or shipping related activities ashore. School of Maritime Studies is the first Institute in South India to be awarded an ISO 9001:2008 Certification by Det Norske Veritas, Norway.

Facilities & Resources

Full Mission Bridge Simulator from Kongsberg, Norway

Full Mission Engine Simulator from ARI, India

All Steel Ship-in-campus

Computer Labs with high speed internet

Physics cum Electronics Lab

Seamanship Lab

Life saving appliances Lab

Fire fighting appliances Lab

Electrical & Electronic Labs

Strength of Materials Lab

Applied Mechanics Lab

Fluid Mechanics & Heat Transfer Lab

Control Engineering Lab

Electrical Machines Lab

Advanced Marine Workshop

Fitting Shop & Machine Shop

Swimming Pool with separate Diving Pool

Four seated Hostel Accommodation

Sports & Recreational facilities

List of Selected Equipment

Full Mission Bridge Simulator from Kongsberg, Norway

Ship in Campus

Full Mission Engine Simulators

Fire fighting Mock-up (Steel Containers)

* Approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India.
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