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Engineering is the application of scientific principles for a better living. The engineering education at VELs University is designed to accommodate current trends and future needs. We have incorporated flexibility in our curricula. As such we have an obligation to address the full range of higher education, namely: teaching and learning, research, and service to the community. The major element in our design of engineering education is teamwork and partnership. In addition to the regular curriculum, we provide additional courses on communication skills and soft skills to make our students prepared to face any interview. We also we arrange several invited talks, conduct seminars/workshops, and National & International conferences on state of the art technology. Students are regularly taken to various industries to provide first hand information about the happenings in the real world.

The School of Engineering is an associate of various Professional Bodies & Associations

List of Selected Equipments

Equipment Nos
ST5002A – Scientech Lan Trainer Kit 2
ST5002A – Scientech Ethernet Lan Trainer Kit 1
Microwave Power meter 1
DC Rectifier Unit 1
Synchronous Motor salient pole with loading facility 1
DC shunt motor couple with DC compound generator 1
DC shunt motor coupled with DC senses generator 1
Electronic Total station south model 2
Pelton turbine setup with all standard accessories 1
Francis Turbine setup with all standard accessories 1
Universal testing machine 1
Torsion Testing machine 1
Three gang consolidation 1
Relative density apparatus 1
Marshal bitumen compactor 1
Compression testing machine (200KN)(200 Tons) 1
HP Plotter 1
Shine Power UPS 1
Pacer UPS 2
Globus UPS 1
Matrix UPS 1
Four stroke Diesel engine with hydraulic loading 1
Multi-cylinder petrol engine testing 1
Data acquisition system with all transmitters and necessary software 1
Experimental Boiler testing with all accessories for conducting performance test (supply of boiler accessories) 1
Turret Lathe 25 mm Capacity 1
Capstan Lathe 25 mm Capacity 1
Surface Grinder 1
Cylindrical Grinding Machine (300 mm) 1
Gear Hobbing Machine 1
Universal Milling Machine 1
Shaping Machine 18” 2
Dynamics balancing machine 50 kg capacity with digital panel 1
Automation studio (10 users license) Janatics pneumatics kit – Spec. Version 5.7 including modeling of Hydraulics & preumatic components 1
Electors pneumatic trainers kit with PLC – Spec:JTK 9 – Profile plate model 1
Servo Controller Interface for DC motors - Spec : Hybrid control base DC drive 1
Data Logging for temperature & pressure control - Spec : Computerized data logging system 1
CMC 6130 Imp.Flat Bed CNC Lathe Machine Model 6130 x 300 mm) 1
Bench Drilling 1
Bench Lathe Machine (CMC Lathe Sherline) 1
Vels 25 years
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