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Vels University has started incubation centre to help the emerging entrepreneurs in terms of providing space, basis infrastructure, technical know-how to overcome their problems and facilitate in filing patents. The services include commercial exploitation to benefit society. The business incubator at Vels University main campus is to facilitate incubation of new enterprises with innovative technologies by admitting them in to our business incubation. Our objective is to build a campus with small scale companies which can provide a practical exposure to our students as well. The inter-disciplinary research teams is capable of throughing out any problem faced by the companies and normal a five year period is permitted for a company in the campus. Already 6 companies have left the campus after completing the incubation period of 3 years and in addition to this 3 more companies have joined in hand to provide opportunities to entrepreneurs, start-ups to take advantage of the wealth of available technologies, expertise, patents, systems and services from Vels Business incubation centre.

Companies Place Present Status
M/s. Sakthi Power Solutions Pvt Ltd Thanjavur Left after completing 3 years
M/s. Pentagon Rugged System Hyderabad Left after completing 3 years
M/s. I-Net Secure Labs Pvt. Ltd Chennai Left after completing 3 years
M/s. Technology Gateway Chennai Left after completing 3 years
M/s. K.K. Technologies Chennai Left after completing 3 years
M/s. Vels Power Solutions Chennai Left after completing 3 years
M/s. Arcomm Tech Solutions Pvt Limited Chennai Functioning
M/s. B. Protech Chennai Functioning
M/s. Efficienza Chennai Functioning
Vels 25 years
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